ZOB | Bus Company

Core qualities of the ZOB

The bus station was founded in 1966 and has been used ever since exclusively for long-distance bus travel. A total of 27 spaces are available to bus companies for regular and non-scheduled services. The ZOB is the hub for all long-distance bus traffic to and from Berlin. A large number of bus companies, including those providing tours and non-scheduled journeys, benefit from our core qualities. Competent support Provision of bus stop capacity for departure and/or arrival of long-distance buses and parking spaces Good waiting time quality due to weather-protected bus stops and waiting areas, plus a wide range of catering provided Passenger information provided by electronic destination display, PA system, personal information Information on delays or changes to the timetable at short notice passed on to passengers in accordance with passenger rights Support in coordinating entry and exit of passengers Our quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008. A closer look will convince you of the quality we offer! We and our team are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The ZOB Central Bus Station provides a range of service facilities for passengers and for bus companies. We are service providers - for your passengers, your drivers and for each individual bus company. We always welcome suggestions for improvements.


Our ZOB service staff page missing passengers using our public address system - particularly important for non-scheduled journeys.


Buses can be parked on the Avus north curve in Halenseestrasse 47/49/51.

Shuttle Service

Your shuttle service can bring passengers to and pick them up from the ZOB using the dedicated parking spaces for this service in the taxi area.


Drivers and staff can empty bus toilets at the ZOB between 08:00 and 20:00 (chargeable) and take fresh water on board.


The IBIS hotel is located next to the ZOB. The Avus Hotel is nearby on the Avus north curve. Other hotels and guesthouses are available in the vicinity of the ZOB, e.g. in Neue Kantstrasse and on Kaiserdamm.


An ARAL filling station is located in the immediate vicinity of the ZOB. It also offers cleaning facilities and a filling station bistro.

Location plan

On the motorway and within Berlin city, follow the signs to ICC/Messe and Busbahnhof (bus station). The ZOB entrance is on Messedamm when approaching from the north.



You can register your bus company to use the ZOB here. However, please note that we ourselves do not have any vehicles and therefore we are not a travel agent or tour operator. If you intend to operate a regular bus service using the ZOB Central Bus Station, please send us your bus company route licence in advance by email or fax. Please print out the registration form and fax it to: +49-30-30100244


As operator of the ZOB Central Bus Station for use as a public facility, there are regulations for invoicing/settling services and instructions for using the ZOB. These can be enacted by the state in the form of laws, provisions or statutes. A range of non-state organisations also have the right to issue regulations for their activities in the context of their tasks. These regulations must be made publicly available, at least posted as a notice or made available to be read.