ZOB | Guests & Visitors

Timetable overview

Time Destination Via Organizer Gate
07:00 Hamburg Flixbus 15
07:20 Warnemünde Rostock Flixbus 9
07:35 Dresden BlaBlaCar 12
08:00 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar 12
08:00 Lübeck Schwerin Flixbus 14
09:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet 30
09:00 Hamburg Flixbus 15
10:10 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar 13
10:30 Warnemünde Rostock Flixbus 9
11:50 Hamburg BlaBlaCar 12
12:00 Dresden Flixbus 10
12:00 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar 13
12:00 Leipzig Flixbus 11
13:00 Hamburg Flixbus 15
13:20 Stettin Flixbus 24
13:45 Hamburg BlaBlaCar 12
14:00 Leipzig Flixbus 16
14:35 Dresden BlaBlaCar 12
15:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet 29
15:00 Hamburg Flixbus 15
15:15 Zwickau Chemnitz Flixbus 11
16:00 Dresden Flixbus 10
17:00 Prag Dresden Flixbus 24
17:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet 30
17:55 Leipzig BlaBlaCar 12
18:30 Rostock Flixbus 11
18:30 Dresden BlaBlaCar 13
18:45 Hamburg Nürnberg BlaBlaCar 14
19:00 Hamburg Flixbus 15
19:30 Leipzig Rostock Flixbus 12
20:30 Hamburg Leipzig BlaBlaCar 12
23:20 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar 12
Time Starting point Via Organizer
05:40 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar
09:55 Dresden Flixbus
10:20 Leipzig Rostock Flixbus
11:35 Leipzig BlaBlaCar
11:45 Hamburg Nürnberg BlaBlaCar
11:50 Rostock Flixbus
11:55 Leipzig Flixbus
12:05 Stettin Flixbus
13:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet
13:15 Hamburg Flixbus
13:35 Dresden BlaBlaCar
13:40 Zwickau Chemnitz Flixbus
14:25 Hamburg BlaBlaCar
14:45 Dresden Flixbus
15:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet
15:45 Hamburg Flixbus
16:20 Hamburg Flixbus
16:50 Hamburg BlaBlaCar
16:55 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar
17:30 Hamburg Flixbus
17:45 Lübeck Schwerin Flixbus
17:45 Hamburg BlaBlaCar
18:20 Leipzig Flixbus
18:20 Hamburg BlaBlaCar
18:30 München Nürnberg BlaBlaCar
19:20 Warnemünde Rostock Flixbus
20:00 Prag Dresden RegioJet
20:20 München Leipzig BlaBlaCar
20:45 Hamburg Flixbus
22:45 Hamburg Flixbus

Location plan

The ZOB is located near the Expo-Centre City in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf; the address is Masurenallee 4-6 in 14057 Berlin, right opposite the Funkturm. The site extends from Soorstrasse in the west to Messedamm and from Bredtschneiderstrasse in the north to Masurenallee. Our map of the area will help you to orient yourself easily. Alternatively, you can ask our service staff at the information counter to help you.


How to get to the ZOB

The ZOB Central Bus Station is easy to get to either by public transport or by car/bicycle. A car park (chargeable) is available if you come by car, and bicycle stands are provided for those coming by bicycle.

Journey via ÖPNV

Route info

Journey per Train

The underground station Kaiserdamm (U2) and the S-Bahn suburban railway station Messe Nord/ICC on the ring line (S41/42/46) are both about 400 meters away.

Journey per Bus

You can reach the bus station directly via the BVG (Berlin public transport) bus routes M49, 139 and 218.

Journey per Car

If visiting the ZOB or picking up passengers, you can use the car park right next to the ZOB. Access is via Masurenallee/Soorstrasse.

Parking charges

Our car park for visitors and those picking up passengers is right next to the ZOB. Two parking spaces are provided for people with disabilities. Access to the car park is via Masurenallee/Soorstrasse. The pay station is near the entrance in the waiting room.

Parking charges

Our car park for visitors and those picking up passengers are right next to the ZOB. Two parking spaces are provided for people with disabilities. Access to the car park is via Masurenallee/Soorstrasse. We are open 24 hours a day.

Duration Price
the first 30 minutes 0,50 EUR
every additional 30 minutes 1,00 EUR
day ticket (9 to 24 hours) 30,00 EUR
weekly ticket (4 to 7 days of 24 hours each) 70,00 EUR
from the 8th day in addition to the weekly ticket (for every 24 hour day or part of day) 30,00 EUR

Barrier-free access

The ZOB also provides services for customers with limited mobility who may feel unsafe or require support. If you use a wheelchair, wheeled walker or walking aid, or are visually impaired or blind, deaf or require assistance with mobility, we offer information and services to enable you to enjoy a barrier-free journey. Public transport provides barrier-free access to the ZOB via the M49 bus route. Please leave the bus at the bus stop Masurenallee/ZOB (Berlin) --> towards Heerstrasse/Nennhauser Damm and use the barrier-free entrance through the waiting room to gain access to the ZOB.

At The Bus Station

The ZOB provides marked parking spaces in the Soorstrasse car park for people with disabilities (chargeable). The taxi stand has an area for people with disabilities on arrival or departure. A toilet for people with disabilities is available. To use this you require a Euro-WC-key which you can obtain at the information counter on request.

further travel

Support is available at the ZOB for all passengers with limited mobility (walking with difficulty, sight-impaired, with heavy luggage or pram/stroller) and for older passengers who have difficulty travelling alone by bus. Please let us know well in advance if you need help, so that we can ensure you receive the assistance you require. Please fill in the attached form to tell us which bus company you are travelling with, your destination, arrival/departure time and the type of assistance required.

Passenger rights

As a passenger you have rights and duties. These are regulated in the summary of passenger rights in motorised bus transport. In case of a dispute relating to your journey, please address the bus company concerned directly.